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Here is a link to an informative site about critiquing designs:

Here these tips are applied to an Industrial Design example:
1. What’s Working? 
Interesting idea; this seems like a new concept for cutting pizza.  Why did you decide this method of cutting was useful?  What are the mechanics behind the design? 

My first read (the first thing that I see) when the cutter is open is the different design with the two handles.  My second read is the ceramic wheel.  My third read is the overall form and outside detailing.  What is the overall design feel (the read) you were try to achieve?

2. What’s Not Working?
The detailing on the outside of the body does not seem to have a purpose and does not seem to make the
cutter more eye catching.  Is there a reason for the detail?  Is there another detail you were considering?

Is there a safety on the blade when it is open?  Can someone harm themselves on this cutter?

Can the teeth be a different color?  It seems like they are in between hiding and being very visible (high contrast). There may be too many colors involved; it makes the cutter look complex and harder to use.

3. How could it be better?
Have you thought about material/texture changes and how that may help when the item is wet.

You may want to consider extending part of the inside to create a safety when it is open and a cap for storage.  If the blade was more traditional looking, perhaps people would handle it with more care.

Is this number of teeth and their thickness necessary?  How do they aid/deter ergonomics when open?  Can their shape be more incorporate into the entire form and/or speak more to their purpose?

Something extra:
> It is important to lead with questions and a good understanding of the desired outcome - for the project and the critique.
> You should also have a helpful attitude.  Although it is not your job to recreate their ideas, as the one giving the critique, it is your job to assist.
> Build a team.  Ask them to critique your work too. 

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